Sunday, 13 January 2013

Nina Dobrev -Best of Street Style

On the 9th of January the wonderful Nina Dobrev turned 24 and I must say her life has been pretty exciting. She has recently been involved with a major movie 'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower' while at the same time starring in a hit CW show, 'The Vampire Diaries'. She is truly a great role model for many people and what stood out to me over the years is her superb fashion sense. Now that she is a paparazzi favorite, we get to see a lot more of her and her brilliant choices of attire. Wherever she goes, whether it's out with friends, to run errands or even at the airport she looks polished and perfected.

1. Outfit one shows Nina flattering a bohemian peacock print maxi dress. It is accessorized with a brown belt along with a black cardigan and a long strapped bag. The simple sandals complete the look to a beach-type outfit but it's perfect for a wander around NYC.

2. In outfit two Nina rocked a chic look, while once again strolling around New York. She wears white cut-off shorts which are great for a hot summers day. The simplicity of the arrangement creates a classy black and white color palette. 

3. Outfit three is a brilliant organisation with a blazer, which grounds any ensemble. This casual short dress becomes smart instantly. The colorful printed scarf is the only splash of color in the outfit, making it a unique accessory. The edgy, black strappy heels give a daring vibe to the outfit.

4. There was rarely a time when Nina was away from Ian Somerhalder at The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and so outfit four shows a very interesting combination as Nina wears a very bright red maxi in contrast to Ian's darker, casual choice. They complement each other very well. At Coachella a lot of bohemian and hippie styles are tried and 'Nian' was one of the best dressed couples at the festival.

5. During her photo shoot for 'Self' Magazine, Nina took on a Western/Country Style. She matched washed out denim shorts with a checked dyed shirt. Her hair is arranged in natural waves, perfect for the coast backdrop and she has accessories with woven beach bracelets.

6. Once again a short mini is paired with a blazer, except this time the colors are lighter and softer. The tusk colored blazer is matched to the flat pumps, making the tomato colored dress stand out. A simple hairstyle is a must for this neat appearance

Did anyone else notice the repetition of the Ray Bans in nearly all of the outfits?!Love them.

All the images come from Google. No copyright intended.

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