Thursday, 27 December 2012

Red Carpet Stunners

Most of our style inspirations for occasions and events come from the red carpet. Each dress is worn by a different person who represents a different style. Different designers reveal their creations and we are able to comment on them in our own way. We also have a chance to discover new designers, and let them encourage and motivate us to try their designs and adapt them into our own trends. Accessories are also a big part of admiring the red carpet fashions as we are enabled to assess whether we feel that a certain necklace or bracelet suits an outfit or not. 

Here Nina Dobrev made an unforgettable fashion statement by stepping out to the Emmys in 2011 in a Donna Karan stunning red gown. It’s not over a top, only a silver necklace with earrings which makes her look simple yet classic- up to perfection.    

Jessica Alba rocked a black strapless Valentino dress with a hi-low hemline that extended at the back for the Machete premiere in Venice -2010. The black Salvatore Ferragamo strappy heels give her a polished look and the minimal accessories make her look sophisticated yet fun. 

Aubrey Plaza wore a Juan Carlos Obando creation to the 2011 Emmys, just as Nina Dobrev but in a white halter draping satin dress. The golden bangles on her wrists give a sense of an Egyptian or Goddess inspired look and her red lips finish her refined appearance.

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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

New Title

Just a quick post, I decided to change the name of the blog as my main focus is going to be fashion and art and I'll try to hunt down some cool trends for you to try. Please leave comments below if there are any icons that you have that i could feature in the coming weeks or a new item of clothing that you would want to know how to adapt to your wardrobe.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hey y'all

Dear Strangers,

Very nice to meet your blog profiles. They all say the truth right? Irony. So some Snippets Of MY Life at the moment are that I am a crazy in love with art and hoping to become a designer in the future. VERY hard business to get into, I know, don't remind me. I tend to say random things a lot but you get used to it :D. This blog will mostly be about fashion designers and cool art that i come across (as well as my own) with some posts about food that I'm eating or if I'm doing something so interesting that i cant keep it to myself. I will post my favorite outfits from TV (as i watch a lot of it) and recommend films. 

First Post. Over and Out. Namaste  

Liv xo